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By: Mikayla Leier

With the current craziness of world opening and closing a hot topic right now is shopping small in order to keep those mom & pop places alive during times that are uncertain these days. Therefore on that topic I thought I would share one of my most favorite ways to support those passions while fueling their small business and that is through vintage instagram shops. 

I came across these types of shops when I moved into my current apartment. I was looking for unique ways to decorate the new place without the same trendy things that are always out there. These instagram shops are run by individuals that have a real knack and passion for thrifting going all around their county and state to find unique items to then sell on their instagram pages. 

The best part about these types of pages is that they get to go out to fuel their passions while their buyers get to reap the rewards of purchasing these incredible gems that they find. They have things like furniture, plates, cups, mugs, coasters, clothing. You name it they have searched through to find the best pieces to portray to their audiences. 

Another perk is that some of these incredible finds are sold at very low rate since they were found thrifting. You could get 3 or 4 things for under $50 depending on the items. 

I have found some incredible pieces from the following locations, these are all based around San Diego but these shops are all around just try searching thrift shops to find some around you. Here are some of my favorites:

1. @the.gildedlilythriftco

This shop is located in Oceanside, CA she has some awesome vintage, boho & retro looking items that random from large furniture pieces to smaller mirrors and planters. She finds some unique wicker type items at a reasonable rate to help you find that perfect unique piece to finish up any room.

2. @secondhand.sunrise

This shop is located in Carlsbad, CA she posts some unique furniture pieces as well as wall decor, planters lighting, kitchen accessories and smaller trinkets. The thing with these shops is that things go fast so if you want something you have to jump on it before someone else does.

3. @sunnyhillshop

This shop is located in North County San Diego that has smaller items that could be good for smaller items like sal & pepper shakers, pitchers, candle holders, napkins and other smaller trickets

4. @ofsunflowers

This shop is in Oceanside, CA that also has a range of different types of products such as wall decor, vases, trunks as well as furniture pieces like coffee tables, chairs, and dining sets.

5. @vintagebutterfly.thrift

This ship is located in Redding, CA that has a lot of cool woodtype pieces and bowls, wall baskets, planters and kitchen materials.

6. @han_picked_

This shop used to be located in Downtown San Diego but since she has moved to Jacksonville, NC but they still are available for shipping from these shops. She does some clothing, smaller items and vases. 

I hope you guys find some gems at these awesome places to make your spaces a little more unique and have so many people asking where you got that cool vase or coasters. 

Enjoy decorating and remember to shop small! 

Xo, Mikayla


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