Cute Christmas Pics in 2020: Lockdown Edition


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By: Brianna Zantman

So, here we are in another lockdown, but it’s not dampening my 2020 Christmas spirit. With the new stay at home order and COVID-19 restrictions for California here is a fun and safe photo tutorial for the Holiday season.

It’s perfect for a Christmas card or just brightening your day and filling your heart with some Christmas joy. It’s super easy and all you need is some whimsy matching Holidays PJs and little imagination. So let’s get started!

The Setup and Equipment I Used 

  • Nikon D810 with my wide angle 10-20mm Sigma lens. 
  • Zomei tripod
  • Fovetic Studio Pro softboxes
  • A fluffy bed and lots of pillows
  • Some greenery/bedroom decor
    • PRO TIP: I had some beautiful Christmas centerpieces that I moved to my bedside table for an extra Christmas-y affect
  • Optional: white sheet for backdrop, extra christmas lights, fuzzy socks or Santa hats. 
  • Optional: if I had cookies, we would be eating cookies, but sadly I don’t, though you should check out Nikki’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to level up this photoshoot idea.
  • Not optional: Playing Christmas hits to get you in the mood.

Set your camera on self timer mode and start shooting. I set my camera up with a five second delay, to shoot nine photos at a time with three seconds in-between each photo.

Get the London Look Lockdown Look

I loosely curled my hair to give it some texture and put on some light makeup to help with the studio lighting but also to not look to made up. The matching PJs were purchased from Old Navy. I already had my nails painted which added a more polished Holiday look.

How To Pose in Pajamas

This shoot was super easy and lots of fun. It led to many laughs and some cuddles too — which always turn out to be my favorite because of our natural reactions. Here are some poses to try out. 

Lean up against the wall/pillows and hold each other:

The very first photo you see in this collage was the very first photo we took. It turned out super natural and we both have a great expression — was a fave right off the bat. 

I also recommend touching your noses together or coming in for a close kiss (without actually kissing.) You can do this while leaning up against the wall/pillows or criss-cross like the photo above.

Tangle up for hella cozy vibes

Whispering a funny sentence into your partner’s ear can get great laughs and natural reactions.

Throughout this pose we discussed how we were super hungry and that we were not sure what to make for dinner. It helps lighten the mood and take off the pressure of being in front of the camera. 

Pull out a Santa hat for some festive fun

Hugs from behind and kisses on the cheek are an easy way to get a cheerful look. 

Feel free to get a little goofy too, you might just like what comes out. It also can help break the ice if you feel uncomfortable behind the camera. My boyfriend and I are both photographers and we still sometimes freeze when we hear our own self timer’s ticking. 

The point is to just have fun anyways, so don’t stress out! If the goal is for a new Christmas card or just something for your eyes only 👀 you’ll have a blast! 

Staying home for Christmas doesn’t have to be boring, you can still bring all the festive fun into a photoshoot like this. 

Stay home and shoot away!


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