Second Day Hair


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By: Sarah Dizon

Hi again! Just wanted to share a couple hairstyles I’ve done throughout the week till I have to wash my hair. I usually start off with my hair down and eventually by the end of the week it’s up. I can go a couple days without washing my hair so these different styles have definitely helped till the next wash.

What you’ll need:

  • Dry Shampoo 
  • Bobby pins
  • Rubberbands (the tiny kind)
  • Hair tie

Lets Get Started

  • Simple Twist: Part your hair a little off center and twist one side back and Bobby pin. I usually use two Bobby pins and cross them over. 
  • Mini Top Bun: I use a small rubber band and make a tiny bun using a good amount at the top of my head. This is that half up look I love doing. 
  • Dutch Buns: I start by sectioning my hair down the middle. I then braid my hair into two Dutch braids and leave the ends out. I then fluff the braid a little by pulling where I braided. Since my hair is short I then fluff the bottom by taking the end of my hair with one hand and pinching and pushing with the other upward to tease. Then using Bobby pins, I pin the makeshift bun to the end of the braid.
  • Messy Bun: When all else fails, top bun it is! This is usually the indication that wash day is the next day. Simply gather your hair as high as you feel comfortable to wear it and make a bun. I’m able to use a hair tie and wrap it around twice to make a cute messy bun. Again, my hair is short so this was a super simple messy bun.

PRO TIP: when using dry shampoo you don’t need a lot if you’re planning to go a couple days without washing. I start off by using a lot on the first day and then less and less the next couple days. 

There you have it, simple styles for your second day hair. Till next time!

XO, Sarah


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