Top 3 Ways to Create Boundaries at Work


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By: Beverly Ponce

I think it’s important to say it, you are not living to work and your job needs to understand that.  You can’t always be “online”24/7 because that’s exhausting and with working from home being the new norm, you need to set boundaries with yourself and your coworkers. 

Boundary #1: Set Limits for Yourself! 

The first one is my most important one and I can’t stress it enough! 

Make sure you aren’t doing more than what is humanly possible and still protects your mental health. I know that it’s super easy at jobs to wear multiple hats (trust me I really get it), but with multiple hats comes multiple areas of stress. 

To be very honest, because of the person I am I love to take on more than I really can do. And that really isn’t just about work, I like to take on more in my family and my relationships, it’s just who I am. However, at some point you have to just ask, is this hurting me or helping me?

It’s important to have a conversation with yourself and really determine what your limit is. my limit is having to work past 7 o’clock or on weekends so if I feel like things are seeping into my personal time, it’s time to ask for help. Which brings us to my next point…

Boundary #2 : You Gotta Communicate! 

I find, a lot of times with people when they’re low in communication at work it’s because they’re high in consideration which means they don’t want to say something because they’re afraid to put it on someone else’s plate so they’d rather keep it and not bother the team. That is absolutely a recipe for a stress!

The moment you feel like things are getting out of hand and you’re feeling overwhelmed with your responsibilities, is the time you start talking to your boss. Don’t be afraid to open up that conversation! You should talk to your boss as soon as possible and let them know that you’re reaching your limit. This will really show you a lot about the company you’re working for too and how willing they are to help you. 

Right now I’m really lucky to have two great bosses who constantly check in with me to make sure I’m not reaching my limit. It’s really great to have that type of support and I want you to have that too.

Boundary #3 : Learn to Say, ”No”! 

This is one is the toughest but it necessary to maintain your boundaries. When you know you’ve hit your limit and you can’t take anymore on without compromising your mental health it’s time to say no. I know this one is a toughie and I still struggle with it. However, the amount of times I’ve saved myself from additional stress because I just had the confidence to say, “I don’t have the bandwidth for that right now” has been monumental for my career. 

It’s OK to say no if you genuinely don’t have the bandwidth to take on more work. You want to give 110% with everything you do (I respect that and it’s because your a boss) but you can’t do that if you’re spread really thin. Say “No” more often and I promise you’ll feel the weight come off your shoulders.

Those are it, those are the three boundary tips that I recommend to help you stay strong and confident at work. You’re already doing a killer job but use these three tips if you feel you need a little boost in the boundary section. 

Keep kicking ass, Bev. 


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