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By: Christiana Rojas

Hey babe, feeling under the weather? Being sick is no fun and to make matters worse you start to see how it’s affecting your outward appearance. From dry and itchy skin, dehydration, tired looking and dull skin, and many more symptoms. Let’s just say your skin is crying out for help. So how do you make your body and skin feel better? Below are some tips I have found that help replenish all the good things your body needs more of.

Drinking your H2O: Keeping your body properly hydrated is not only good for your overall health, but extra needed when you are feeling under the weather. When you are sick replenishing your body with liquids is a must. Being diligent about drinking water will filter your body, hydrate your skin, and thin out pesky mucus that can build up. Yuck! So pick up that glass or reusable bottle of water and drink up. My favorite go tos for drinking more water is lemon water in the morning and peppermint tea at night. Cheers!

Epsom salt baths: Now many of you may not have a bath, but this is freaking magical when you are not feeling well. Epsom salt baths have been around for hundreds of years to help with all aches and pains. When you put epsom salt in your bath, it breaks down in the water to magnesium and sulfate that is able to be soaked in your skin. It has many medicinal properties like reducing body aches, pulls out impurities, and soothes dry and itchy skin. You basically become a human sponge! I love taking baths with my epsom salt, essential oils, candles, and tea. I mean this is a whole vibe you won’t be disappointed.

Hydrating face masks and lip treatments: When you have a cold your body goes into overdrive. From night sweats to fevers you are losing a lot of liquids and your skin can feel super dehydrated. Especially when you are continuously battling congestion this can help with any dryness around your nose too. To help with the dryness try a great hydrating face mask, my favorite is the Hydra Calm Mask from Face Reality Skin Care : simply apply during the day and wash off after 10 minutes or for extra hydration just leave it on over night. This will hydrate your skin back to life. Can’t forget about the lips. There’s nothing worse than dry lips cracking your style. My go to lip balm is Laneige Lip Mask your lips will thank you. 

Humidifier: Cold season is usually paired with dry and cold air that can irritate your skin.  Humidifiers are amazing to help your skin retain its moisture and helps with respiratory symptoms. When you use a humidifier at home you are adding more moisture to your air. Also a fun fact about using a humidifier is it can help reduce influenza. When the humidity is above 40 percent this helps deactivate the virus particles that can live in the air making it less infectious. There are many humidifiers out there but I would recommend researching which one is best for you and how to properly use it for its amazing benefits.

Bump up your vitamins: Whenever you are feeling sick your immune system has been compromised. This is one of my definite go tos. When our immune system is low we are usually not getting the proper nutrients to keep our bodies operating to its full capability. Throughout my life I have found some of my favorite go tos to help give my body a health boost: Probiotics, Wellness Formula, Collagen, Elderberry and Vitamin C. These vitamins will help you feel better and make your skin glow!! 

In all when you are feeling under the weather it is your body telling you to slow down and give yourself some TLC. So get some rest and try these helpful remedies to bring you back to life! Please also consult your doctor before you do the epsom bath and the vitamins just to make sure they are best suited for your health. 

Stay Healthy and & Stay Beautiful,

Christiana xo


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