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By: Mikayla Leier

Imagine it….you just moved into your place, got the couch all set up, clothes all put away then you look around and realize you dont have anything on the walls. Well that is where I come in to help give you some ideas to ease the panic that the overwhelming feeling is bringing. Breathe. We got this. 

Before we get into what to put on the walls lets first talk about which walls need something. Let me start with that not every wall needs something on it…say it all together not EVERY wall needs something on it…good. The next thing to keep in mind is that we want something on the walls that get the most eyeballs on it so the entrance, living room wall, dining wall, etc. The final note is that the item placed on the wall does not have to cover the entire space but instead accentuate the wall itself. 

Now, lets dive into some ways that we can beautify those walls. 

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are everyones best friend whether you are in a small space or a large house because they make whatever space you are in feel bigger, which who doesnt want that. A good rule of thumb is to place mirrors on the opposite wall of natural light such as a window or door, this is because it will reflect the natural light and brighten the space. 

There are endless options of what to do with mirrors, you can either use them for function or fashion. Functionally you could put a mirror at an entrance or bedroom at your height to use to prim and pamper or you can fashionably place smaller mirrors around in a pattern to add a little style while still achieving the dimension of space. 

Here is a little sneak peak into how I used this mirror technique in my home. We decided to put a few mirrors above our bart cart area since this is a focal point from our couch and opposite from our downstairs window. It helped to make the space feel like it was expanded and elevated with this addition. 

Items Shown: 

2. Wall Baskets

Wall baskets are a big design trend right now and why not its a simple yet beautiful way to fill out a space with texture. Although some of the wall basket sets can get to be pricey, it is easy to lower the price and make your own wall basket collection. The key to a good wall basket collection is having different dimensions, sizes and colors so that it all cohesively works together. 

You can find wall baskets all over the place but areas that I would look at are Etsy, vintage Instagram shops and thrifting through local stores. 

We decided to do this decoration in our guest bathroom because I feel like if there is one place in the house to spice up it is the place that your guests are destined to visit during their time. Traditionally wall baskets are usually all put together in a vertical or horizontal fashion but in this space we decided to do this waterfall type of effect. By doing the waterfall it helped to fill the space on both walls without cluttering the space. 

Items Shown: 

3. Shelves

Shelves give you unlimited amounts of possibilities which can either get as cheap or expensive as you would like it to. It is a space that provides you the opportunity to showcase anything that makes you happy whether that is pictures, books, records, artwork, plants or something else. 

Use your hobbies and interests to influence what you put on the shelves because your decor should showcase your personality and bring someone into your life as soon as they walk in the door. 

Also expand your mind when it comes to placement of shelves. They could be on top of one another vertically, offset horizontally or put together to make one big shelf. The options are endless so play with them on the wall to see what arrangement makes you feel the best 

For our house, on the shelves downstairs we our plants because we decided that we wanted the greenery in the house to make it feel more homey (although it is testing are ability to keep them alive lol). Then in my room I wanted to display artwork and photographs above my bed so we put two selves together to make one large one to display and on the other wall we used them to space out and hold important mementos to me. In the kitchen we decided to do a more geometric shelving unit to hold little trinkets just to add some spice to the space. 

Items Shown: 

 4. Larger Art Pieces 

This is a pretty traditional design path but it is something that can be a great asset when looking for what to put on those bigger walls. Finding an art piece from a local shop, farmer market, Etsy or even Facebook marketplace could be a great addition to a household and help to support local craftsmanship. 

In our house we found a white wood art piece off of Facebook marketplace that was in great condition and put that in our entry/dining room wall to provide the space with a little dimension without being a distraction. The white blends nicely with our white walls and gives it a little more texture. Another item we found was a boho farmhouse clock that we used on a smaller wall just to give it a simple use and give the space a little love.

5. Ladders

A new trend that has popped up is using ladders in a space to create height and different levels in a space. This is a great way to not only fill up a smaller wall space but it can also function as a space to display blankets, hats or towels. 

A couple years ago, I bought this ladder to put in my room because I liked the look and rustic feel that it brought to the room but now I like to display my favorite hat on it but it elevated the space. 

Items Shown: 

6. Using Objects as Decor

Something that is a great use of space and effectively decorates the space is using your own personal items or hobbies to decorate the space such as hats, records or flowers just to name a few. If you have something that you are passionate about then take this as an opportunity to put it on display in your space. 

These are just a few options for you to decorate your space and beautify those wall. Remember that every wall does need to have something and those that do it should bring you happiness when you see it everyday.

Boring Walls Be Gone!

Love always, Mik


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