Easy Plant Propagation


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By: Sarah Dizon

Hello again! Just wanted to share how to easily propagate a plant! What is propagation you ask? Well, plant propagation is basically the process of creating a new plant. It’s been such a fun quarantine activity, as my friend always says, plants are just the gift that keeps on giving. 

I would suggest using a plant you can easily find the nodes on. What are nodes you ask? Google says: a point of attachment of a leaf or a twig on the stem in seed plants. A node is a very small growth zone. 

I used a marble queen pothos for this demonstration.  

What you need: gardening shears, scissors, or anything that will cut the stem, rubbing alcohol, cotton, empty bottle 

  • First, make sure your cutting instrument is clean, you’re cutting a live plant from its mother plant so it’s important not to get the plant sick before you place it into water. Take the rubbing alcohol and cotton and clean the instrument. 
  • Next, locate the node, usually it’s that weird looking brown nub, next to where the leaf stems out of. Then cut a little below the node, the node is where the roots will start to sprout out of. 
  • Then once you have your cutting, you can get rid of some of the stems on the plants. I know, it hurts when I prune the plants, but trust me, it will be okay! 
  • Finally, place your cutting in water. I like to use an empty glass bottle so I can see the roots. I also like to take washi tape and write the date of when I propagated so I can see how long it takes for the plant root!

There you have it, in a couple weeks you should start to see the plant take root. Once the roots are long enough, usually 2 inches, you can take it out of the water and place it into soil! Such a fun process to witness, it really made me excited to see a new plant come to life just by a cutting. Hope y’all have fun with propagation! I know my jungle in my room was all possible because of propagation. Till next time!

XO, Sarah 


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