10 Gift Ideas for Photographers


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By: Brianna Zantman

If you’re gift shopping for a photographer, I can tell you right now, they don’t want the mug that’s shaped like a camera lens. So let me help you out! Here are my top ten gift ideas for photographers that don’t suck.

1. Support Your Local Camera Store!

A gift card to your local camera store is my number one pick for best gift giving this year. Investing in camera equipment can get expensive fast, so not only will they totally appreciate the extra cash to fund a passion, but galloping through a camera store is like a photographer’s candy wonderland. 

PLUS! I’ve always been a strong advocate for supporting local camera stores. With the overwhelming amount of online orders, mom and pop camera shops are going out of business left and right. I personally like holding a camera and shooting with it before dropping loads of dough. Shopping for a camera or camera equipment is just not the same online, we’re visual people, what can I say?

2. A Sturdy Tripod Is A Girl’s Best Friend

Does your favorite photographer complain about how their tripod’s legs always collapsing or how bulky it is to carry? Have they mentioned they want to start exploring night time photography? If so, then a trustworthy tripod will be their best alley. A quick cheap pick is not the way to go, finding the right tripod for their goals can take a lot of research, but well worth it in the long run. 

3. Lens Accessories for The Creative Mind

The possibilities are endless when you add in an extra element of creativity. Simple lens accessories or props can really take a photograph to the next level. Light prisms, lensballs, crystals, lens filters and bokeh kits are fun ways to add spice to photoshoots.

4. Throwback With A Polaroid Camera

Even the pros can get a kick out of a classic. They’re entertaining and can be the life of the party when you want to capture some quick fun moments.  

5. A Camera Bag That’s Not Lame

There is something to be said about a small and sleek black bag that is perfect for on the go. But sometimes a photographing queen wants something a little less boring. There are so many cute and comfortable camera bags that not only look fashionable but also protect your gear. 

Another alternative are camera bag inserts. Instead of one big bag, look for camera protective gear that can be inserted into your bestie’s favorite Michael Kors bag. This will be a big win for your stylish friend.

6. More Film – Get Creative With It

If the photographer you’re shopping for shoots film regularly, getting them more film will always be a safe bet, as they always need it. I suggest getting a little funky with it. There are different types of film that can transform the colors you photograph to something completely different. Go to your local camera store and ask what selection they have. 

7. A Classy Custom Camera Strap

I tend to shoot without a strap, but there is something to be said about a classy engraved leather custom strap. Straps are great when you’re truly rugging through the wilderness and need that extra protection. You can really spice up your camera’s look with the right strap that represents one’s personality. 

8. Remote Shutter Release To Change Their Life

This really doesn’t even need an explanation. A remote shutter release is perfect for your photographer friend who explores with self portraits. They honestly make the whole process so much easier and will only lead to them looking even more fabulous. 

9. Cleaning But Make It Cute

Cleaning your camera can be an intimidating task for beginners, so finding the right cleaning kit can guide them in the right direction for long term care of their equipment. Especially for the outdoorsy-folk. 

10. It’s The New Equipment For Me

A word of caution — if you’re shopping for the photographer who has an arsenal of equipment, you might be purchasing something they already have, but for beginners a nifty fifty lens or extra lighting equipment will shoot serotonin levels sky high. Again, don’t buy online and support small business! 

A final note, always include a gift receipt in case any accessories are not compatible with their original equipment. 

Happy Gifting! 


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