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By: Beverly Ponce

Taking a few moments in your day to celebrate or acknowledge everything your doing is so important! We’re expect to work, shop, cook, maintain relationships and especially with holidays looming, it’s so easy to put yourself second. These daily affirmations will definitely be a peaceful reminder that you’re taking care of yourself and that you’re doing enough.

Morning Affirmations 

Like I’ve mentioned, your girl is NOT a morning person so when I say “morning”, I mean that losely, I mean more like when the coffee has hit or you feel awake. Generally when you first wake up, you start to feel those negative thoughts creeping in. “Man, there are already so many emails”, “why do I need to do these errands” etc, that’s usually when I know it’s time for affirmations. I generally start while I’m doing my hair and I repeat a few affirmations to get myself in the right mindset for the day. 

  • I am strong 
  • I am worthy of what I have

Affirmations Actions 

Sometimes just words aren’t enough, and you need positive hobbies that will help the message sink in. Well good news, there are plenty out there. No I don’t mean, go to Target and spend 45 minutes in the 3$ section looking for seasonal happiness (although that does sound appealing), I mean actually choosing actions or hobbies that reinforce these affirmations. 

A positive affirmation action I love is journaling or painting my affirmations. I’ve been really into water painting, so lately when I’m feel stressed. I write down my affirmations and then decorate them in water paints. Something about staring at it for a long period of time makes it sink in. 

  • I am strong. 
  • I love my body, I love myself. 
  • I am complete.

If you’re not feeling your best, I always find yoga the most helpful. I’m definitely not a yoga expert, but I try hard to set the scene for myself. I play Yoga Music on Spotify, and repeat my three affirmations about my body.

Affirmations for Work 

Affirmations became a part of my daily routine, early on in my career. I hated feel like I was self sabotaging myself because of my negative talk. I just felt stressed and tired of not feeling confident and it was because I wasn’t talking to myself very kindly. So I changed that, and it’s helped me out of some pretty stressful situations. 

  • I have what it takes to turn this obstacle into an opportunity.

Nightly Affirmations 

Before jumping into, I’ve incorporated some affirmations into my nightly selfcare routines. I’ve been reading this book and it’s full of great mindful tips. However after I’m done with my reading and facemask, I say these affirmations to remind me that I did everything I could.

  • I am proud of myself 
  • I never failed today because I did my best

In any case, I hope these affirmations and positive actions will help remind you that it’s okay to start putting yourself first. We all have that negative voice in our heads that sounds like us but it’s not, so it’s okay to just silence it and focus on the positive. I don’t think this process will be easy (certainly wasn’t for me) but it’s hugely necessary if you want to grow away from a negative perspective.

Don’t worry, you got this women! 


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