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By: Christiana Rojas

We are about to bare it all on some of my favorite topics for caring for your vagina. Who’s already blushing?

Talking about vaginas has been a topic we rarely talk about. I feel like some of us act or avoid even talking about it at all. Maybe some of you would even say it’s not “ladylike”. I am not saying we all grow out some full bushes in protest of bringing awareness to the female area, but rather, we start talking about it and taking better care of it! I am an esthetician and I wax women on the daily, so fair to say I have seen it all! I mean let’s be honest that is what makes us, us why shouldn’t it be talked about? So are you ready? Here are some of my favorite tips on how to care for your beautiful bits:

Exfoliate and Hydrate

These are two of my favorite things and you can’t forget those intimate areas. I recommend using exfoliating gloves when you bathe, using a gentle wash like Summer’s Eve, then post shower use a bikini area friendly hydrator or exfoliator. This is also key to prevent ingrowns and keeping the area smooth. Here are some of my favorite exfoliators and hydrators: Fur, PFB Vanish, Bush Balm, and Tend Skin. Outcome: brighter and hydrated skin, less irritation like ingrowns, and a bikini ready body 365 days of the year!

Whether you like a full 80’s vibe, or you go all the way bare, your intimate area should always be maintained. From shaving to sugaring you have options, but I have to say my favorite way has always been waxing. If you have been shaving forever and ready to ditch the razor, then waxing is for you. First and foremost, yes it is painful. I mean beauty is pain right?! Your first time getting waxed will hurt the most, but it does get better. By continually waxing, you are removing the hair from the follicle damaging the hair growth cycle, and over time the hair growth will diminish and become less coarse. I use hard wax which is perfect for those intimate areas. 

The no no’s: at home waxing, using nair, shaving in between waxes, and getting waxed on your cycle. 

The yes indeed’s: exfoliate and hydrate in between waxes, do not let it grow out longer than a quarter inch, and you can take ibuprofen right before your appointment.

Keeping your vagina happy from the inside out

First things first let’s talk pH, A normal vaginal pH is 3.5 to 4.5 level. As women our vaginas contain bacteria and yeast cells that make up a healthy balance. It is so important to keep a good healthy pH, because when things are out of balance it can cause unwanted vaginal issues. So here’s some daily things you can do to maintain a healthy vagina.

Drink lots of H2O to keep your body hydrated. Did you know 60% of the human body is water? Well in order to stay fully hydrated and keep our bodies working properly we need to drink up. This flushes out toxins and bacteria that can mess up our PH. 

Take a probiotic to introduce good bacteria into the body that can help balance out any bad bacteria that can possibly develop in the vagina. 

Avoiding douching at all costs. For some of you ladies you may not even know what douching is. Maybe you have only heard of it when we’ve called some men Douche Bags? I know I just had to say it because you were thinking it!  But what is a mixture of water and some other ingredients placed in a bottle or bag to flush out the vagina. There are so many misconceptions to why douching could be a good idea but in fact it doesn’t do us any good. What douching does is it removes all of the good bacteria and natura flora of what we need to keep a well maintained balance. So just say no to all types of Douches. Bottles and men!

I hope you enjoyed us getting into (literally) what makes us women, women. I know I am proud of what my body can do as a woman and taking care of it to my best ability gives me an instant boost of confidence, even if I am the only one who sees it. So I hope you all take these tips and start the conversation with another girl friend on what maybe your favorite way to womenscape or your favorite down there care.

Bare it all babe!


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