Date Night: Gamer Edition


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By: Beverly Ponce

So when you date a gamer, and c’mon who’s boyfriend isn’t these Covid days?! It might be hard to find time doing something together that you both will enjoy. Even if he doesn’t say it, sorry girl, he doesn’t enjoy your weekly trips to HomeGoods. While working at an esports company a few years back, I realized there were more to games than just shooting guns and killing monsters. There were games that were actually really fun, and even more fun to play together. 

I found having these date night gaming sessions with my boyfriend so incredibly fun and I can tell how much it means to him that I’m actually trying to do something he likes. I’m not saying you have to sign up for league of legends, although you could…but I am saying that there are games available that could be really fun and you don’t have to be an expert virtual sharp shooter. 

Make it Special

Before we dive in, always make it special. Order his favorite food, stop by Bevmo and pick up your favorite cocktails, and dessert so feels like an event. Especially with COVID, date nights need to evolve and going that extra mile will absolutely help. Also, like we even need a reason to open the Postmates app these days.

Game Ideas

Fall Guys – This game is hilarious and frustrating. It is an obstacle course and your little avatar runs through it to try to make it before the “spots” fill up. This game is one where you can take turns cheering each other on and trust me, you need that mental support while being pummeled by giant fruit (those dam bananas). This game will have you yelling at the tv and laughing with each other. Highly recommended. 

Overcooked– This game allows you to play together and you join forces to cook meals for the restaurant. It’s amazing because it really enforces communication and teamwork. Rene and I were a well oiled machine by level 7! We laugh so hard when things burned or when someone accidentally threw a tomato in the trash (me). We played this game 5 weekends in a row and because each level is different, I didn’t get bored. I think that’s what is most important, finding games that engage you in each level, so you don’t get bored. 

Lego Games: There are soo many lego game options, my personal favorite is Harry Potter Collection on Playstation. They are very interactive and allow for you and your partner to explore together.  They have so many options too including Jurassic Park, Star Wars or even Indiana Jones. Find a theme that you both enjoy and start the game together. It’s no different than starting a Netflix series! 

Retro Games – I know I’m not the only girl who loves retro games?! Thank god, modern technology has allowed for a lot of the games we loved as kids to come back! Find out what his favorite games were, find them on PS4 or XBOX and buy him a gift card with a case of his favorite beer (or wine ;)) and celebrate the night with the oldies. Rene and I did that for his birthday and I can’t tell you how happy it made him. He really opened up because I was showing him I cared by doing something he loves. 

It’s not about which game 

It’s not always about the game you choose to play because as long as you’re trying, it’ll make a difference to him. I know, I see the games Rene plays, and I’m intimidated by them but there are games out there that don’t require high gaming skills. They just require you to try and I promise, trying to meet him halfway with these types of game nights will be good for both of you!  Plus if you beat him, it’s just another thing to add to the list of reasons why he loves you.

Lol, Happy Gaming! 


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