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By: Nikkie Wong

What’s football Sunday without the snacks?  Here are two great items you can add to your football Sunday spread.  These buffalo chicken taquitos are so easy to make.  Best of all, you get to satisfy your buffalo wing craving with half the mess!  Try adding some blue cheese to your taquitos or serve them alongside a dollop of sour cream.  We can’t forget about the dip, because everyone loves a good dip.  I have a healthy and tasty 7 layer dip that goes great with the taquitos.  Grab some tortilla chips and you’re ready to cheer on the home team!

Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

2 cups shredded chicken (I use a rotisserie chicken!) 
1 cup buffalo sauce 
1.5 cups shredded mozzarella 
8-10 flour tortillas 
Cooking spray or oil

  1. Preheat oven to 425 
  2. In a large bowl, combine shredded chicken, buffalo sauce and shredded mozzarella. Mix until well combined 
  3. Fill tortilla with 2-3 tbsp of chicken mixture. Gently roll, then lay seam side down on a baking sheet. Continue until all of the tortillas have been filled and rolled. 
  4. Leave 2 inches in between each taquito and spray with cooking spray or lightly brush with oil. 
  5. Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and crispy

Healthy Layered Dip 

Bean Layer: 
1 (15 oz) can black beans, drained and rinsed 
1 garlic clove, peeled 
1 tbsp chopped red onion 
1 tsp ground cumin
½ tsp chili powder 
4 tbsp fresh lime juice 
2 tbsp water
½ cup chopped cilantro 

Avocado Layer: 
3 ripped avocados 
¼ cup chopped cilantro 
2 tbsp fresh lime juice 

Other Layers: 
½ cup sour cream
1 cup sliced lettuce
1 cup finely chopped English cucumber 
¼ cup chopped red onion
2 roma tomatoes, seeded and chopped 
Salt and pepper 
More cilantro for garnish

  1. In a food processor, add beans, garlic, red onion, cumin, chili powder, lime juice, water and cilantro. Season with salt and pepper. Pulse until well blended 
  2. In a bowl, mash avocado, cilantro, lime juice, salt and pepper to task leaving it semi-chunky 
  3. In a 9×13 pan, spread bean layer first then the next layers are guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and cilantro. 
  4. Refrigerate dip for at least 30 minutes before serving and serve with tortilla chips.

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