Styling a Graphic Tee


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By: Sarah Dizon

Hi there! One of my favorite things right now are graphic tees. I usually like getting a size bigger than what I normally wear because I like room to breathe. On that note, here are a couple styles I’ve put together to see how versatile the graphic tee can be. I am in no way a stylist, I just enjoy getting multiple uses for one piece of clothing.

  • Athleisure wear: shorts, a windbreaker and some comfy sneakers. 
  • Casual day or night out: jeans, a faux fur jacket and some cute booties.
  • Casual day or night out: fun printed skirt (they’re totally in), denim jacket, cute sandals.
  • Casual day or night out: high waisted pants, denim jacket and cute sandals, I also accessorized with this outfit with some cute earrings and a cute headband. 

There you have it, fun cute ways to style a graphic tee. I learned that my style is always changing, I go through phases where I only want to wear a particular style of clothing. Of course quarantine made me realize I don’t need a huge wardrobe, but it’s nice to have options. Hope y’all have fun styling your graphic tees! By the way, the graphic tee I’m wearing is from one of my favorite bands: The Band Camino, you should definitely check them out!

Xo, Sarah


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