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By: Mikayla Leier

Whenever you move into a new place, having a blank canvas can be overwhelming. This could be because of not knowing where to start, what kind of vibe you want or where the best places for the furniture is. But I am hoping to change your mindset, help give you some guidance and a starting point to make your home space the best it can be. 

My favorite part about designing is the feeling of opportunity before you start adding anything to the room because at that point you can make the space anything that you want it to be. 

Start with Inspiration

Although it can be tempting to just get everything in the room and set it up, it is important to take a step back and do research on what you want beforehand so that you don’t end up having re-do things down the road. 

The first step that I always do and tell others to, is research on Pinterest and other design sites to find what it is that you enjoy. My suggestion is to just start pinning everything that you like, eventually you will start to see a pattern and you can then go into that direction for the types of items to look for. 

In my own room,  I started seeing a pattern to have a self with multiple pictures on it. I love the creativity to be able to make the pictures blend the room together as well as the balanced vibe it brought to the room without doing something so organized like a gallery wall.

Once you see a pattern of things or colors you can start to make a mental or physical design template to stick with throughout the setup process. I always like to get a small pillow case or napkin of the colors that I am looking to use to bring with me when I am shopping around for items to put into that room. It helps to see if everything will blend as it should in the end. 

Think about your layout 

When choosing how to set up your room it is important to think about the accessibility that you need in your personal life. Such as how often do you use your dresser drawers or your closet? Do you need extra storage for easy accessible items? Do you like things on display or hidden? Once you have those things in mind then you can start figuring out the layout of the room. 

Your bed should be on the back wall of your room so that it is the first thing that you see when you walk in the door. The best way to describe this is if you ran into your room to do a belly flop you should have a straight shot to land straight on your bed, with head at the top headboard and feet at the bottom. If you have to turn or you would land sideways then it is not in the most ideal part of the room. 

Once you find that location for your bed depending on the windows and other walls in the room the next thing is the dresser, put it some place that provides you with the most accessibility. A good rule of thumb is to put a dresser against a bare wall if you plan to put a TV on it but if not then put it under a window if the room permits. 

After your dresser is in place then you can think about nightstands, bedside tables, decorative chairs and larger items. Usually you want to have your nightstand on the opposite side of your dresser if they are on either side of the room to balance it out. If your dresser is at the foot of your bed then you can either use two nightstands to build the balance or have a similar height thing on the other side from your nightstand.

Usually lighting will be placed on your nightstands with some sort of lamp. If you are looking for something different then at this point is a good time to find the leftover space to put in another source of light. 

Once you have the general idea of where everything is going and the measurements, then it is time to get to shopping!

Bedding & Rugs

Once you know the theme and layout of the room then it is time to start looking for that perfect comforter and bedding option. There are so many options that you can go with for this but in order to not get overwhelmed stick to the colors that you have chosen in your palette. First start with the sheets and comforter before moving onto decorative pillows. 

After you find your bedding then think about a rug, if you have hardwood floors a rug can help to make the space feel more comfortable and cozy and a rug on carpet can bring more personality to a space so it is a personal opinion on what you want for the space.

Wall Decor 

Putting things on the walls is really when it comes together on feeling more complete but it is also important to note that not every wall needs to have something on it. Usually, the wall with the headboard on it will have something but use your best judgement on the other areas of wanting to add space. 

Some notes that I have learned about wall decor is that using mirrors is going to make the space feel bigger than it is, shelves are going to be able to add more variety of items and artwork can help to be a focal point of a room while tying together colors so it depends what vibe you are going for.


Bringing plants into a space just provides a little more life and makes it feel more lived in. Once you have these little friends a part of your space it just really seals the deal on making a room feel like a home. 

I also name my plants, Sarah and Jonathan, so that they seem like little green friends in my room and it helps me to keep them alive.

Personal Items 

The last touch with making your space a home is obviously add in your personal touches whether that is pictures, trinkets, chargers, jewelry, fans. All of the essentials that make the space liveable for yourself.  

My favorite thing to do is to use jewelry and perfume as decor since it is something that is so beautiful so why not put it on display. I have a jewelry stand with all my necklaces, bracelets and earrings and a tray for my perfumes. This also adds to the convenience of using these items instead of having them tucked away and forgotten about.

These steps are just the framework to help make your space the best it can be but have fun with it, enjoy the journey and let your life inspire you. 

Love always, Mik


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