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By: Christiana Rojas

What is self care? Is self care actually beneficial? I mean what is it really? For the longest time I had no idea about self care. My life coach Randi Halaway had implemented this into my daily regimen and I’ll be honest at first it was a little difficult to get the hang of. I started off with meditation in the morning and I soon realized how amazing it made me feel. It almost felt like magic! From then on I was hooked and wanted to learn more. When I fully committed to this practice I realized it just set me up for my day and then days I wouldn’t do it would be the complete opposite. Every morning I would do this I was more clear headed, less anxious, and I was able to show up as my best self. Now some of you maybe asking what is self care and what do I do? Well you can start with these simple steps below:

Meditate don’t hate

Meditation slows you down and makes you focus on your body alone. You are guided and encouraged to concentrate on your breathing to get centered. This preps your body so you can just sit in stillness and go within. I have to say I am no expert in meditating but I definitely continue to grow more and more each time. As a beginner you may want to use guided meditation to help you walk through it but there is many other meditations out there so just find one that speaks to you and go on with your centered self! So sit down, chill out, and breathe.

Put it in the book

Journaling is a great way for self care. After you meditate you want to free write everything that came up and how it made you feel. This is so powerful because when you are in your mind anything can come up and it’s coming up for a reason. Think of it as an adult diary. Start off your journaling with something as simple as “I’m feeling…”. You want to let it all out on those pages: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Why? We have so many thoughts in our mind and when you really sit with them and talk to them you almost feel a release of energy. It’s so freeing when you are honest and transparent about all the emotions and thoughts that happen.

Pamper yourself

Whether it’s a candlelight bath, a hydrating face mask and a good book, buying yourself flowers, or getting your hair or nails did. The possibilities are endless, just make it something that is just for you and you alone. You want to pamper yourself as often as possible to fill your cup and remind you how worthy you are of being taken care of. One it makes you feel good and two it makes you look good. 

Self care is best thing you will ever do for yourself and those around you! Don’t ever forget you are your number priority. Life is busy and it’s challenging to commit to doing these small tasks for you but once you start to see the changes you will be addicted. I am so excited to be sharing this with you because it has changed my life drastically in just a year. I more than ever have been able to slow down, have better loving relationships, process through old traumas, attract real connections, and be more present in the world! Who doesn’t want that?! Let’s do this! 

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