5 Skin Care Tips to Mask it Through


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By: Christiana Rojas

Who has been trying to figure out our newest facial accessory? Have you been asking yourself these questions: Why is my skin so dry? Why am I breaking out this never happens? What is this crazy rash on my chin? Frustrating to say the least. We used to just have to worry about makeup and the daily grind messing with our skin but now we have a mask to add into the equation. If you have been asking yourself some of those questions above I can give you a few answers.

Here’s 5 must do skin tips to keep your skin game strong while wearing masks:

1. Cleanse Morning & Night

This is a must because you are removing all the makeup, impurities, and mask bacteria. Cleansing your face with the appropriate cleanser is the right way to cleanse. Stay away from using a makeup wipe as your cleanser because it won’t remove all the grim from the day properly. Cleansing your skin daily will help keep your skin as clean as it can be. 

2. Icing your skin

This is one of my favorite tips because it’s free and it works! With the extra irritation that masks can cause icing will help reduce any inflammation fast. Just do this after you cleanse your skin by using an ice cube and apply to your skin in circular motions all over for about a minute. You can also be bougie and get a Jade or Rose roller and keep in your fridge for the same effect.

3. Tone it up

Toner is super important for rebalancing and hydrating the skin. While wearing masks daily it sucks out all moisture and can also cause unwanted oiliness. Make sure you have a toner that is appropriate for your skin type to help either rehydrate or help control oil production.

4. Moisturize

From lotions, gels, serums, oils, and facial sprays what is your favorite? Make sure to use a moisturizer everyday to keep your skin hydrated this will help prevent any irritation like rashes and breakouts the mask can cause. As another added boost of hydration I always keep a bottle of rose water spray in my purse. I make it a point to sneak a spritz during my day it is instantly refreshing and keeps the skin moisturized.

5. Use & wear the right face masks

It’s becoming more apparent that our face masks can harbor so much bacteria and germs. This is obviously the culprit for why your skin may not be happy with you. This is why I recommend using disposable masks or washing your fabric face masks after at least 2 days of wear. Also when you wash your masks at home use a gentle detergent (Tide free and gentle & all free clear) this will help reduce pore clogging ingredients and any other irritants being put on your skin.

Masks are a new way of life! I hope these tips above were helpful and you were able to learn something new. I want you to continue to have the best skin and by doing these 5 things I believe you can.

Let’s keep masking it through and glowing together!


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